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About Gwin

It’s the Meaning of Life!

Your good friend, Gwin, would like to share with you the handbook for life on how motivation, gratitude, integrity, forgiveness and happiness work in harmony to create an atmosphere of unconditional love.


You see, I didn’t know what unconditional love was until uncomfortably late in my life and my family and I had become unhappy and unhealthy.

At a critical time an old friend from high school re-entered my life and shared a simple 5 page handbook he had made out of construction paper that changed everything.

Since then we have created a handbook, children’s book, children’s song and curriculum.

My passion in life is to share hard-won insights about how our words and our actions impact ourselves and others and my desire is to improve the lives and the relationships that we all have.

What’s Unconditional Love is a 5-Step system that teaches the very young to the very old the five simple principles of how to love unconditionally by creating happiness, forgiving with integrity, having grace, and meditating.

I want to help make life happier and healthier for as many people as possible the earlier in life the better.  So we have created a unique, life affirming program for the young and old.  This blueprint for living a happy life helps us to love unconditionally, so that problems are solved constructively and effectively, with relationships intact.  My desire is to inspire others to uncover and discover their value, purpose and destiny through unconditional love.

My Certifications

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My Qualifications

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